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Flesh and Blood TCG: Bright Lights - Booster
Flesh and Blood TCG: Bright Lights - Booster

Flesh and Blood TCG: Bright Lights - Booster

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Flesh and Blood TCG: Bright Lights - Booster

Product Configuration:

- 251 cards in set;
- 16 cards per pack.

Set Composition:

- 1 Fabled, 7 Legendary, 46 Majestic, 56 Rares, 129 Commons, 12 Tokens, 9 Marvels.

Rarity Distribution:

- Cold Foil - 1 per display (replaces a token)
- Rainbow Foil - 1 per pack
- Rare or higher - 2 per pack (1 Rare + 1 Rare or Majestic)
- Common - 11 per pack
- Token - 1 per pack
- Token / Expansion Slot - 1 per pack (The expansion slot may include content that expands any class or talent.)

Metrix City, the bustling metropolis where ambition meets innovation, where the future of Rathe is reinvented daily in the research centers of mighty conglomerates. Wannabe heroes flock to the bright lights of this big city, blinded by the neon signs flashing slogans that you too can “Become more than human!”

Bright Lights takes Flesh and Blood game play to new frontiers of innovation, with the first ever equipment that start the game in your deck. Transform your base equipment into state-of-the-art Evo equipment and construct the mech suit of your dreams!

This all Mechanologist set offers a limited format experience like no other. Countless card combinations open up a vast array of booster draft archetypes, and the official Bright Lights sealed deck format is the best bang-for-your-buck, using only FOUR booster packs!

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