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Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders - Booster Box
Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders - Booster Box
Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders - Booster Box

Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders - Booster Box

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Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders - Booster Box

- 239 card set (1 Fabled, 5 Legendary, 31 Majestic, 51 Rares, 128 Commons, 20 Tokens, 3 Marvels);
- 16 cards per pack, 24 packs per display;
- Designed for booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play;
- Contains cold foils.

Rarity Distribution:

- Cold Foil - 1 per 24 packs;
- Rainbow Foil - 1 per pack;
- Rare or higher - 1-2 per pack • Common - 11-12 per pack;
- Token - 2 per pack.

Outsiders is a standalone booster set that takes you down into the Pits, a sprawling web of underground caverns and canals, home to all manner of backstabbing and skullduggery.

Outsiders is the first Flesh and Blood draftable set to feature multiple heroes within each class, making it the most dynamic draft experience yet! You're drafting Assassin... but are you Arakni or Uzuri? You're drafting Ranger... but are you Azalea or Riptide? You're drafting Ninja... but are you Katsu or Benji? Each hero has their own strengths, strategies, and card preferences. You'll find yourself wanting to draft Outsiders again and again to explore the depth the Pits has to offer!

A mix of new heroes and returning fan favorites are featured in Outsiders. New heroes include Uzuri, a Spider operative assassin and ringleader of a band of misfits that includes a new version of Arakni, and Riptide a trap based ranger.

However, not all things start out as they become, and the past always seems to have a way of infiltrating our present. A duo of wandering Misterian Ninja's threaten to trigger memories of Uzuri's origin, a time and place where she didn't fit in, where she felt like.... an Outsider.

Outsiders introduces new hybrid cards, that can be played by two different classes! Hybrid cards enhance the drafting experience allowing you to keep your options open.

The three most iconic hybrid cards from Outsiders appear as Marvel research notes, that perhaps hold the answers to the origins of the "3 deadly diseases" that plague the inhabitants of the Pits.

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